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We create architectural designs

Welcome to our world of architectural marvels where creativity knows no bounds. At MATTONI, we are passionate about transforming spaces into breathtaking masterpieces. With our expertise in interior and exterior design and construction, we bring dreams to life. Every project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, where innovation and flexibility thrive. From contemporary elegance to timeless classics, our team of skilled architects and designers merge artistic vision with technical expertise to craft spaces that captivate and inspire. Step into our realm of limitless possibilities and embark on a journey that redefines the boundaries of architectural brilliance.

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mattoni building

about mattoni

MATTONI is an Iraqi design and construction company specializing in interior and exterior design and implementation based in Erbil, Baghdad, and soon to open new branches in Basra and Anbar, working across the region.

The idea was to build a company that has a unique exterior design that catches your eye from the first look.

The interior of the company, also shown as a showroom, has its own special design, decorations, and art pieces, some done by our creative employees.

More than 30 companies have cooperated with us in different fields, such as materials for design or other goods.

Our main goal is to grow our company to become the first Kurdish brand that provides every detail, starting from designing the first ideas to finishing the last touches of accessories in your projects.

Experience the transformative power of exceptional architecture, captivating interior design, and superior construction services with our Erbil-based company. Contact us today to embark on a journey that will redefine your space and exceed your expectations.

How it started...

MATTONI was found by two individuals, Mr.Heman and Mr. Omar.

They both met in 2015, and they started working together on different occasions until they decided to open a company together in 2020 with new ideas that had never been done before.

The main idea was to open the biggest design and construction company, but with a condition: the employees must all be Kurdish citizens from all over the country so that our local employees can have more opportunities for creativity and we can encourage them to show their talent.

mattoni building

We Are The Team

hemn sherzad

Hemn Sherzad Hawez

CEO, Founder
omar abuhurera

Omar Abuhurera Faqi

CEO, Founder
ala muhsen

Ala Muhsen

Design Manager
nadia hikmat

Nadia Hikmat

melav muhamad

Melav Muhamad

shireen razaq

Shireen Razaq

muhamad sami

Muhamad Sami

lawand rasool

Lawand Rasool